Víctor and Nocky Alvarizares

Apostles Víctor and Nocky Alvarizares are founders of Father’s House International previously known as “El Shaddai” in the city of Beaverton, West Portland. 

The apostles received the calling to the pastoral ministry specifically in the Northwest in 1999, after working for more than 10 years under the apostolic covering of Joel Escobar (Founder of El Shaddai Mission). They were called to work under the apostolic ministry of Sergio Alvarizares in the city of Portland (founder of Father’s House Ministry). 

Apostles Alvarizares were both born in Guatemala, where they were moved at an early age to the USA. They finished middle and high school in California. They were members in a large church where they met in 1988 and got married in 1989. They are blessed with 2 beautiful and dynamic children, Caroline and Justin who together serve the Lord as a family. They also have 3 beautiful grandchildren and counting. 

The pastoral family starts their journey in the Northwest in 1999 in the city of Beaverton, Oregon with a small group of 10 people meeting in an apt. home.  In November of 1999 God confirms their calling to establish a congregation and be able to reach the entire city. After a few years of working at the local church and beginning to travel the nations, in 2007 they are ordained as Apostles and God establishes them in the city of Portland, Oregon and from there the entire region. 

As apostles, they have given birth to many spiritual children which have been raised to serve the Lord in church plants, in the state, nations and other countries. 

Ministering and empowering people is what they love doing and especially watch brave men and women rise and walk in their eternal purpose in the Kingdom of God here on earth.

After working in the Northwest since 1999, we believe that God has given us the state of Oregon and the nations to take and leave a legacy from generation to generation. 

We believe Jesus is the Lord of our state and nations!


Associate pastors:
Manuel and Olga Herrejon

The Herrejon family loves God, His people and our apostles. For more than 10 years serving in our congregation in different branches, they, together with the apostles, empower and consolidate the work with pastors and leaders. The Herrejon family believes in and are an active part of Vision 5000. It is time for a promotion. 


Associate Pastors:
Diana and Abraham Carlos Escobar  

The Escobar Family loves God and His people. They have 3 children; Elisha, Judah, and Lily. After having served in different capacities, throughout the years from pastoring youth, teaching leadership school, and worship leading, they now embark on the mission to spread the good news of Christ locally and internationally. Ephesians 3:20


George and Randi LaDu

George and Randi La Du have been a great gift to the ministry. Their wisdom, loyalty, grace and prophetic ministry is noticed in all that they develop. For more than 43 years, they been serving in Portland, OR.

They are founders of the Identity Project which helps us understand how wonderfully made we are.  They say, identity reveals purpose.  Their calling is to “equip the saints for works of service” by helping people understand their value, giftings and callings, passions and strengths.  

They have four children and three grandchildren.  

George and Randi believe that our heavenly Father is giving us His heart in this hour so that we might love Him, each other and our communities with His love!

“And I will give them one heart, and I will put a new spirit within you; and I will take the stony heart out of their flesh, and will give them a heart of flesh.” Ezekiel 11:19


Youth Pastors:
Steve and Betsy Rovira

The Rovira family are currently youth pastors. They have 2 children, Ethan and Gracie. They have been married for 15 years and have both come to know God in their own ways at an early age in their lives. They are a living testimony that no matter what challenges come your way with God’s love and forgiveness everything is possible. They both have served as worship pastors and directors, musicians, singer and song writer. Betsy holds a bachelor’s in theology and Steve proudly serves our country. Together they are convinced that God’s purpose for their lives is to spread the gospel trough out the world. Romans 8:18


Vancouver Satellite Church:
Fernando and Jenni Mares

The Mares family are pastors in our Vancouver satellite church. Parents to Alex, Fernanda, and Jeremy, a household serving God. They have a heart passionate for God and the souls. For more than 15 years in this ministry, they have served as youth pastors, House of Bread leaders, and as teachers in our Children’s Learning Center Ministry. They have received their assignation and are determined to fulfill it. They believe in and are an active part of Vision 5000. Lamentations 3:52-58


Scappoose Satellite Church:
Omar and Nudia Mendoza

The Mendoza family received the calling to pastor our satellite church in Scappoose in the year 2017, together with their children Michael and Katherine. They have 13 years of marriage and enjoy their time together. As parents they believe that quality time with their children is important and key. Pastor Omar holds a degree in theology. For more than 17 years in this ministry, they know that the calling to Scappoose is great and the glory of God will fill this city. Jeremiah 29:11


Hillsboro Satellite church:
Justine and Efren Rosales

Justine and Efren Rosales are the Sr. Pastors of New Day Family Church. Pastor Justine grew up in the Hillsboro area with her family. At the age of 13 she heard the Lord call her name and she set her eyes on Bible School. She attended and graduated from Rehama Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1992. Pastor Justine came home and jumped right into children's and youth ministry. In 2000, God opened the door for her to become Sr. Pastor of the church she still pastors and loves today. Pastor Efren grew up in Mexico with his family and came to the US in 1978. He gave his life to Jesus in 1985 at a lovely church in North Plains, Oregon. In November of 2006, Pastor Justine Nelson and Efren Rosales got married and have since served as Pastors together in New Day. They have two beautiful and full of life daughters, Mykala and Amanda. Through God's grace and committed people, we have a vision to reaching Hillsboro for Jesus.


Hillsboro Satellite church:
Marvin and Caroline Guerra

The Guerra family are the current pastors of the Hillsboro Satellite church in Spanish, while the time arrives to be established in Spain. The Guerra family was chosen to share the gospel around the world. “We are devoted to Christ and our passion is souls. Our goal is to fill the kingdom of God with people of all tongues, color and race. We are a priesthood Family with 2 girls who are destined to change the world. We go wherever we are sent to preach, deliver, help and serve! From Portland Oregon to the entire world.” 1Timothy 4:12


Albany Satellite Church:
Manuel and Ericka Lopez

The Lopez family received the calling to pastor the satellite church in Albany in the year 2017. Parent to 2 beautiful girls and one boy. All of them as a priesthood family serve the congregation. A marriage of 10 years and they continue working together to be better spouses and parents every day. They love God and the souls. They know that their assignation is for this time and seeing God’s glory manifested in this city is their desire. They believe in and are active part of Vision 5000. Isaiah 44:1-4


Gresham Satellite Church:
Emilio and Rosa Pool

The Pool family are the pastors of the satellite church in Gresham. They have an immense heart for the souls and that magnifies their love for God in them. For more than 15 years they have worked in the ministry as leaders of House of Bread and with the Ushers team. They love God and their apostles. They believe in and are an active part of Vision 5000. Their assignation is to see the Glory of our Father manifested in their city. Proverbs 11:30- The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that wins souls is wise.